Klep is Yet Another virtual flashcard program, which helps in putting
information into one's short term memory. It has many features not commonly found in virtual flashcard programs, including export to memaid so that material learned in Klep can be retained in the long term, support for images, support for multiple choice questions, and a bunch more. Klep uses wxWidgets, so it should theoretically work in UNIX-likes (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, freeBSD, etc), Windows, OS/2, and others, although binaries are currently only available for GNU/Linux and Windows.

Feature requests are appreciated and may be sent via email to dmilstein NOSPAM _at_ users.sf.net.


The latest version is version 1.0.2.

To download it for GNU/Linux, click here. Your Linux distribution needs to be relatively new to use this binary (it will not work on distros released before the end of 2002). If you use such a distribution, you will need to compile from source or install libc 2.3 or later.

Only a binary of version 1.0 is currently availible for Windows. It has several bugs related to images, but other than that should be fine (the exact bugs are listed in the changelogs for versions since version 1.0 on the klep download pages). To download it, click here.

For all other platforms, you will need to compile Klep from source. The source code is available here. You will need wxWidgets to compile it. Contributed builds for these platforms would be appreciated.


September 9, 2005 Klep 1.0 is released. See the announcement for details.

April 10, 2005 Klep 0.2.1 is released.

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(c) Copyright 2005 Daniel Milstein